How to sell?

1- Click & Upload

Upload 1 to 5 pictures of your precious items along with basic details and we will guide you through the entire process.

2- Approve Quotation

We quote your items after an intensive market research for a faster sale and suggest a price range to let you decide the final payout.

3- Relax While We Do The Rest

Our industry experts will pick-up the item, authenticate, professionally clean, photograph and finally list them on our site in less than 2 weeks. See here our most commonly asked questions.

4- Earn

Our payment process is safe, quick and easy. You get paid once your item is sold.


Why Choose Us!

Modviva is the most trusted online boutique for selling new and pre-loved luxury items. When you choose to consign a luxury piece with us, we make sure you get the fair price once it is sold.

1- Insurance Cover

Each and every consigned merchandise we receive is well taken care of and has adequate insurance coverage including risks of fire, flood, theft and damage

2-Secure Storage

We keep your items securely in safes and lockers in a temperature controlled facility. We have CCTV cameras installed to keep a check on the inward and outward movement of logistics.

3- Professional Product Handling

Once we receive your precious items, they are handled with great care and safety precautions are taken. Our skilled experts examine their condition, authenticate, clean and professionally photograph them. Your items then become available for sale on our website !

4- Transparent Pricing

We aim at maximising your profit! We follow the best industry practices for a well-researched and right price to ensure your items sell faster.

You Can Always Count On Us

Unique Luxury Pieces

Extensive luxury collection where each item is unique & high on fashion

Affordable Luxury

Luxury pieces at irresistible discounts & with installment purchase options

Trusted Platform

Reliable and secure platform with lifetime authenticity guarantee.

Worldwide Delivery & Returns

What you see is what you get, else money back